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Front-end developer, Amsterdam

The obligatory "Who are we"

Gaspedaal.nl is a well established search engine for cars, serving over a million visitors per month. Our mission is to help cars find their right owners.

As part of the TMG Digital family, Gaspedaal.nl offers an inviting environment in which you will also find brands like Speurders.nl, Relatieplanet.nl, Dumpert.nl, and Groupdeal.nl.

Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about who we actually are

We are a team of developers that love their work, simply because we're awesome. The environment, colleagues, products and yes, even our boss is…awesome (*blinks twice*).

We love to have fun, play practical jokes and "occasionally" dress up for costume parties.

What's not to love?

But seriously…

Aside from all the fun we have, there is work to be done as well and everyone strives to improve their skill level and is passionate about the product that we're constantly improving.

"Is that all you have to offer?"

No, of course it's not, don't you know us by now? Here's a <ul> full of benefits if you decide to apply:

1. Access to learning materials, online courses, and books to level up your development knowledge;
2. Mentorship from a team of developers with more than 50 combined years of experience;
3. One "developer day" per two weekly sprint to spend working on something you love or learning something new;
4. An in house gym;
5. Daily required ping-pong breaks (bring your own paddle!);
6. All the latest gear and gadgets: MacBook Pro, iPhone, and anything else you might need;
7. Ability to work from home when necessary;
8. Happy Hours every Friday;

"Where do I fit in?"

Great question. We are looking for an experienced frontend developer who's a great fit for our team. Our wish list is not so concrete, but this would totally wow us:

  • You write badass code in a programming language you like. You can totally sweep us off our feet with a lot of knowledge of for example in React, Redux and vanilla JavaScript.
  • The skill to help less experienced frontend developers grow into great ones;
  • You are a little bit weird and you embrace it;
  • You are not afraid of taking ownership on your code;
  • Of course you have to be Interested in this job;
  • You have a good level of English;

As you can see, we're not looking for perfection. Just for someone who knows his or her stuff. We are constantly looking to improve and grow as a company.

"Sounds perfect, where do I sign?"

Love the enthusiasm, but we like to have at least a first date before we move to the good stuff. Feel free to contact us and we will get back to you to set a date. Hit the apply button or contact directly:

Phone number: +31641389950
Email: [email protected]

We hope to see you soon,
The team of Gaspedaal.nl